Be an Angel

A few weeks ago, I read with sadness that Aquinas and More would be closing. I’ve had a long association with them and especially enjoyed being part of their Tiber River Book Review program as well as writing occasional articles for the site.

Here’s one piece I wrote last year about preparing your child for first Reconciliation.

Aquinas and More stands out, in my view, for its staunch no-China policy. This means that inventory selection is carefully guided by the source of the item.

Today, Aquinas and More owner Ian Rutherford announced an unconventional fund-raising effort that would keep the store’s online presence available to its customer base across the country. If you can lend a hand to a retailer that’s committed to bringing authentic, orthodox Catholic religious goods to its customers, won’t you consider donating?

No donations will be processed until the fund-raising goal is met, and there are rewards for donating that are pretty sweet. You’ve got 14 days to help out.

Be an angel and help Aquinas and More continue its mission.

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