Anger Management

I’ve got a Lawn Chair Catechism post going up in a few hours, but I’m not feeling it.

What I’m feeling right now is anger, frustration, powerlessness.

And if I’m a Saint In Training, I want to quit right now. No more training! I can’t take it.

I’m trying to do the right things. I know I’m not thinking the right thoughts. I know that my powerful resentments are leaking out all over the place, and my anger is evident in my clenched teeth.

I am angry at people who do not shoulder even a small share of the burden, frustrated by open defiance, and powerless to stop behavior in others that is both self-destructive and family-destructive.

I am also awake, long past the hour when I should be.

And the people who do not shoulder their share of the burden, but enjoy the credit? Maybe “they have already received their reward.”

But frankly, I’m tired of being the one gnashing my teeth.

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