Thankful Thursday: It’s the Little Things

Tuesday and early Wednesday were not good days around here. I can chalk that up to some bad nutritional choices (a Philly pretzel, a bag of M&Ms and 2 cups of coffee for breakfast and lunch) and a few bad nights of sleep in a row and a whole lot of stress coming to a head.

It wasn’t pretty.

butter pecan iced coffeeLast night I spent some time laughing and unwinding with friends, ate a salad with my pizza, enjoyed a little Music Therapy (AKA folk group practice) and got a good night’s sleep. What a difference a day makes! Today I am ready to be thankful.

In no particular order, today I am thankful for:

  • daily Mass, two days running. I need that source of strength!
  • butter pecan iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts
  • the prayers and listening ears of good friends (and fellow saints-in-training)
  • an encouraging article for work-at-home moms that’s helping me prioritize my schedule (I bit off a bit more than I can chew with an upcoming assignment)
  • the fistful of coupons I brought to the supermarket this morning, and that I rebooted my routine so I’d get the shopping done before Saturday
  • my ability to enjoy, and be thankful for, the little things.



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