7 Quick Takes: Lucky Day Edition


I enjoyed the 7 Quick Takes last week, so I figured I’d go for another round. It’s Friday the 13th, but so far it’s been a pretty good day. I’m not superstitious, but even compared to a regular Friday, it’s been good.

– 1 –

We’re going to a show tonight! The community theater’s production of Little Shop of Horrors opens tonight. Many in the cast and production staff have worked on shows before with Little Brother, so it will be fun to see them in this production. Plus, Girl-Group style music. I heard a preview. These girls can SING.

– 2 –

My foot isn’t broken. I saw the doctor Monday, had an X-ray yesterday, and am now waiting almost 2 more weeks for my podiatrist appointment. Meanwhile I’m sporting a fabulous lace-up brace and VERY fashionable (but super-supportive) New Balance sneakers–or a pair of VANS Middle Sister bought, wore twice and abandoned. Those are my “formal” shoes. Since they’re a size too big for me, they can accommodate the brace.

– 3 –

I’m back in the school library and loving every minute of it. Library Cuteness Moment of the day is courtesy of the very sweet kindergarten child who, on her way out, thanked the librarian for “letting us borrow your books.”

– 4 –

Little Brother made my extended stay (through lunch) worth my while. He hugged me, in public, when his class came in AND when they left. Some of his friends gave me high-fives as well. It’s neat to see these kids, whom I’ve known since kindergarten, growing up (most are taller than me now) and talking to me about the books they choose.

– 5 –

21 balloonsLittle Brother found out about some guy who plans on using a balloon cluster to cross the Atlantic Ocean, so I chose his library book for him today:  The Twenty-One Balloons by William Pene du Bois. This kid needs to learn that Pixar didn’t come up with the idea first. BONUS:  other kids in his class saw him with the book and are interested in reading it when he returns it.

– 6 –

Here’s the note Hubs found at Little Brother’s desk when he went to Back to School Night yesterday:

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Thanks for coming to my school. I really appreciate you coming to Back-to-School-Nite. (Name) and (Name) are the best middle school teachers.


(Little Brother’s first AND last names, followed by the Sports Star version of his signature.)

– 7 –

SCB run back to schoolLittle Brother’s picture is in the diocesan newspaper. He’s the boy in the front row with the black shirt and gray shorts. You’ll notice that he’s also airborne. That’s pretty much par for the course for him. The kid is a perpetual-motion machine.

The even better news here is that MY picture did not make the paper. BIG sigh of relief right there.

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