Don’t Put It All Out There

iphonefamilyios6_72Everybody with an Apple product is all about iOS7 right now. I’m waiting a bit–partly because I don’t have time today to babysit the new OS as it downloads, partly because I don’t feel like dealing with the learning curve that comes with it, and partly because I figure that if I wait a bit, everyone else will learn things the hard way and write articles about the things you should NOT do when you prepare to download the OS.

Plus I’ll get to play with it a bit, as Hubs put it on the iPad. (For the record, he already doesn’t like it, and he only used it for 5 minutes.)

In the meantime, I’m going to clean up some old stuff on my phone–and back everything up. That’s always a good place to start.

Whether your smartphone is Apple, Android or Windows, though, I’m Talking Tech over at today–on the subject of the kind of data we share online.

Bottom line:  be just as careful as you want your children to be.


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