7 Quick Takes: Hopalong Edition


Because it’s too much fun–I’m back with more Quick Takes. Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!


I got all kinds of organized and scheduled this post ahead of time because Friday is my Crazy Day. I love Friday because I spend 5 hours of it at Little Brother’s school, volunteering in the library. I get some time at lunch to do a little research for my book, and some time to actually EAT lunch, and I’m done around 1:15 after Little Brother’s class is all finished.


The Continuing Saga of My Foot. My diagnostic powers (with the help of the esteemed Dr. Google) rival those of House, it would house
seem.  (It’s not lupus!) The doctor confirmed yesterday that I have tendinitis in the perineus longus tendon, which comes down around the back of the ankle on the outside of the foot, then continues under the sole of the foot. I was treated to a rather painful examination (“YES, it hurts when I move my foot that way!”) which culminated in a cortisone shot. No crutches and no more ankle brace, just 30 minutes of ice daily, and call back in 2 weeks if it’s not better.


Tomorrow Notre Dame plays Oklahoma. My friend, author Katharine Grubb, went to OU and even set one of her novels on campus (you’ll have to wait until next year to read that one) and she’s been posting all kinds of propaganda on my Facebook wall. I won’t even get to see the game:  it’s our turn to play at the Saturday night Mass at our parish’s other “worship site”  (or, as one of the other guitarists calls it, “the away gig.”) I mentioned to Father that it’s really rough to have Saturday-night music duty on game days, and even though he’s a Domer himself, he told me to stop planning my life around football games. wear green

At church tomorrow, I’ll be the one wearing green.


I’ve been reading and reviewing a bunch of books! Right now in my review pile I’ve got Stephanie O’Dea’s new cookbook, 365 Slow Cooker Recipes, and I’ll be writing up something on my cooking blog about that. Yesterday I made some Sweet Corn Chowder from that cookbook–it’s a good Meatless Friday lunch.


Things I’m Pondering (of the technological variety):  should I update my iPhone 4 to the new iOS? How about an iPad 2? Pros and cons, anyone? Is there a huge learning curve? I know there are features I won’t be able to use on my devices. Will the features I CAN use be worth the update? Will some apps not work so well if I don’t update? I’ve been dithering about this all week. (First World Problems)


Things I’m Pondering (of the non-technological variety):  someone told me that because I said I would “never” accept a certain situation, God has gone and dumped that very thing on me and put me in a position where I really can’t refuse. I think that statement paints God as pretty passive-aggressive–which is certainly not how I think about God.


Epic “Things Parents Say” Quote of the Week: “We are NOT having a creamed-corn fight!”

11 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Hopalong Edition

    • Don’t be sorry! It was a joke, so I’m glad it worked. I don’t even WATCH House, but Hubs does, and I’ve overheard enough of it to know that they figure out it’s not lupus on Every.Single.Episode.

  1. It’s never lupus!

    I upgraded my iPad 3 to iOS 7, but if I were you, I’d wait with it till they fix some bugs. I heard I’m not the only one who has apps shutting down randomly, These are apps that were upgraded for compatibility, by the way. Or really, just don’t update. 🙂 Alas, if I want to read company emails, I have to have iOS 7, as our mobile device management system only handles one iOS version at a time. 🙁

    • Thanks for the input! I’m vacillating between wanting to see what’s so great about it and dreading the discovery that it either is not so great or just doesn’t do anything for my particular devices. Waiting for bug fixes sounds like a good plan to me! (Meanwhile, I can get busy backing things up.)

    • Wasn’t it an awesome story? If you sign up for Katharine’s newsletter at her website, she’ll send you the short-story sequel that also explains Professor David’s back story. Good stuff! Her characters just charmed me.

    • I would definitely be one of those people. I can’t handle IMAX movies and roller-coaster commercials, let alone the real thing!

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