7 Quick Takes: Feast of St. Francis Edition




A Whole New MeaningToday is the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi! Pax et bonum!


It’s also First Friday, and normally I’d be at school today, going to Mass with the school kids (and, since it’s October, praying a Rosary with the school kids too). But nooooooo–I’ll be home today, because I have an ear infection and a sinus infection. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon.


I’m kind of frustrated; it seems that every time I get all motivated to make a GOOD lifestyle change, something comes along to mess it up. I had gotten off to a good start with walking for exercise; then I injured my foot. I had begun to figure out a time-management system that was working for me; then I got sick and have gotten almost no work done all week. Will I ever be able to stop playing catch-up?


The Dad was most understanding last night when he came home from work an hour late and found me asleep on the couch with no dinner made…he took Little Brother to pick up a pizza, then stopped at the Chinese restaurant for my all-time-favorite panacea, Egg Drop Soup.

They gave him Hot & Sour instead. Whoa, that was spicy. But he’s a good guy. He went back and got the right kind of soup. That’s chivalry, right there.


Maybe the chivalry is rubbing off, because Little Brother washed the dishes.


MamaBrag time:  Big Brother was honored this week by the Society for Information Management in Philadelphia; he received their Future Leaders Award. One IT student from each Philadelphia university receives this honor.


small steps tourA little later this morning I’ll be hosting a giveaway of Small Steps via the CatholicMom.com Small Steps Blog Tour. Don’t miss your chance to win a copy of this devotional. It’s not just for moms of young children! The page that was “randomly” chosen for me contained a reflection that touched me deeply. Nothing random there–nothing at all.

I really don’t believe in random when it comes to things like that.


7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Feast of St. Francis Edition

    • Thank you! I’m noticing a little improvement already; more to come, I’m sure, as the antibiotic does its thing.

  1. It seems funny that we should have to play catch up with life. I guess it’s all those deadlines imposed from outside—just let the self-imposed ones go, and feel better!

    • Well…I’m a freelance writer. If I “let the self-imposed” deadlines go, I don’t get paid.
      But that’s what’s had to be let go this week. Tomorrow there will be some catch-up.

  2. I totally relate to the “thwarted at every good turn” feeling. I started training for a 5K back in 2010, then I got so sick that I’ve had exercised-induced asthma ever since. There’s a message for us in this, but darned if I have a clue as to what it is!

    • Thank you! Magic antibiotics, Ricola and the egg drop soup are doing their thing. I’m feeling much better already. I honestly couldn’t taste the hot & sour soup, but I could tell it was HOT! One spoonful, that was the end of that. (Hubs finished it and thought it was really good.)

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