Small Success Thursday: College Tour Edition

Small-Successes-320x3221I’m linking up with the moms at as the Small Success Thursday returns! Here’s how it works:

List three things you are grateful for this week: victories over minutia, victories over the big stuff, blessings which you have received which reveal the breathing presence of God’s grace in your life. Then ask a friend to come and participate too.

1. Yesterday Middle Sister and I visited a university that’s practically right around the corner from the house where I grew up. Of course we had to stop by the house and see what it looks like now.

old house 2013It’s a lot smaller than I remember it, and the porch is different, but it hasn’t changed that much in the ten years since my parents “downsized” to a retirement community, gaining more square footage for the two of them than they had when they raised 3 kids in this old gray house.

2. On the way, we passed the Paterson Falls, which I used to be able to see several times a week. These Falls are the second-biggest waterfall on the East Coast, smaller only than Niagara. You can see them on the EarthCam, and watch the waterfall live, which is a much safer option than getting out of your car at the Falls themselves. They’re pretty low right now, but no matter how much water is going over those cliffs, they’re always breathtaking. (And if your speakers are on, you even get to hear the traffic at the busy intersection in front of the Falls. Sounds like home to me!)

3. My parents, who live another 45 minutes north of the university we visited, both took time out of their days to see us. Dad was on his way to the class he teaches at a different college, but he stopped long enough to give us a hug. Mom came along for the tour and treated us to lunch at the Belmont Grill. (Mmm, gravy fries.)

It was a good day, despite the sometimes-terrifying traffic (I don’t miss the Garden State Parkway AT ALL). It was good to see the sights of home, to enjoy the tastes of home, and best of all to see my parents.

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9 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: College Tour Edition

    • French fries with brown gravy. The culinary highlight of the day. Maybe even the week. (And don’t just dip them in the gravy. Pour it all over the fries on the plate and let them soak it in.)

  1. I’ve seen that gravy on fries! When I was in Montreal they had something called Poutin (I think that’s how it’s spelled) where they put the gravy on the fries and . . . wait for it . . . CHEESE!

  2. Oh I love that porch. How charming. Given we are suburban dwellers right now, I often find myself driving through Des Moines neighborhoods with lots-o-character and then wiping the drool off my face! 🙂

    • I’m still waiting to have a porch like that when I grow up. We live in a 1962 split-level with zero character whatsoever. Of course, when I was a kid, I didn’t know how good I had it with such a porch!

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