Small Success Thursday: Absolutely Not Normal Edition

Instead of a list, today there’s a story. Because it’s anything but normal around here right now. I’m going to “bold” the successes, if I can figure out how to do that on this tablet! Please pardon typos and weird autocorrects. You’ll see why…

Yesterday started out like any normal Wednesday. I woke up at 5 and got ready to go to the gym. After my workout I went to the bagel store to load up on those New Jersey breakfast necessities. Big brother was home! Many “everything” bagels were needed.

And then I got home, where my husband met me as I came in the door to tell me that the pediatrician had called and was sending us to the ER. Now.

Little Brother has been sick for over 10 days, dropping weight he could ill afford to lose. I’d taken him to the doctor 3 times. Finally blood work had been ordered, and it showed that his sugar levels were topping 600.

Middle Sister wanted to come with us to the ER. We agreed that she could miss the half day of school and come along. TheDad stayed at home with Grandma.

After Little brother’s diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes was confirmed, the local hospital prepared to transfer him to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where they are prepared to do the kind of patient-and-parent education we will need to manage this.

TheDad, who had arrived by this time, rode in the ambulance with Little Brother. I stopped at home to pack some stuff for both of us, and to get the World’s Fastest Shower. Then I made the terrifying drive into center city in crummy weather to meet them at the hospital. Big brother came over after dinner to visit and drive TheDad home. I stayed the night.

We will be here at least 3 days to learn what we need to know. Little Brother is steadily improving. He is out of crisis.

I have so many blessings to count today, such as a pediatrician who checks lab results at 6:15 AM, Big Kids who bracketed the day with visits to see their brother and covered things at home with Grandma all day, the many friends and relatives who connected via email, text message, Facebook and Twitter, the many Alternate Turkey Invitations my Big Kids received, the dinner that showed up–unasked-for–at my front door last night, several friends who have first-hand experience with diabetes (or are doctors) upon whom I can lean, and the excellent care Little brother has gotten at 2 hospitals in the past 24 hours. Oh yeah–and hospital WiFi so I can type this while he snoozes.

I have been surprisingly calm. I’ll have the luxury of falling apart later, I’m sure…but honestly, after his being sick for so long with no answers, I’m just glad to know what’s up!

For the record, Middle Sister called it a couple of days ago, and I have a text message to prove it. If I could figure out how to post pictures I could share it, but that’s beyond me right now. She clearly has Mad Diagnostic Skillz.

This is the weirdest Thanksgiving since the year I was in grad school and couldn’t come home for Turkey Day, so my roommates and I divided up the dinner and cooked for a dozen friends. I did the turkey. I woke up early, stuffed the bird, then worked on Old English translations, because some professors don’t give you holidays off from homework.

I’ll miss my family today and Saturday, but I’m just relieved and thankful (and really tired) right now.

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12 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Absolutely Not Normal Edition

  1. Happy (unusual) Thanksgiving to you and your family. One thing to be thankful for is having a diagnosis for your son. At least now you know what was wrong and how to meet his needs. There’s so much timely, appropriate information about type 1 diabetes; with a supportive family and proper care, your son will do well. Do you read Holly MIchael’s blog? Her son, Jake, has type 1 diabetes and the family has managed it well over the years.

  2. Prayers for you, your son, and your entire family. Grateful that you have answers, too. I will keep you in prayer during Mass today, too.

    Blessed Thanksgiving to you, Barb!

  3. Prayers for you, your son, and your entire family. I’m grateful that you have answers now. I’ll keep your son in prayer during Mass today.

    Blessed Thanksgiving to you, Barb!

  4. Dear Barb, many hugs and prayers for you. May Mama hold you close and keep you strong as you stand at the foot of the cross with her today, and may you be able to continue to know the peace that comes from leaning back into her son’s arms.


  5. Thank God they figured it out quickly. I hope Luke gets well soon and you get some rest too. Thanksgiving is just a day….you can make it ANY day you want, when Luke gets home!

  6. Oh, Barb. Prayers for you and your family, and especially little brother. I imagine you will take some time to fall apart at some point, but may God carry you through the next week before you do! If I can do anything long distance, please ask!

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