That About Sums It Up

Little Brother came home from school today with a religion project he’d made on the computer. For November, the month of All Saints, the students in his class had found quotes from different saints and made signs with pictures of the saints and their quote.

martin de porresHere’s my son’s:

St. Martin de Porres

Compassion, my dear Brother, is preferable to cleanliness.

For a boy who thinks that just about ANYTHING is preferable to cleanliness, these are definitely words to live by.

3 thoughts on “That About Sums It Up

    • I should have been more clear. He made that poster in early November. The teacher had the posters hanging in the classroom for the month, then sent them home. So it’s just one of those neat things that “happen.”
      Plus, the cleanliness thing made me laugh. So typical for my boy!

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