Ready or Not

Christmas is 10 days away. I finally got some shopping done. Yesterday.

I hope everything gets here in time, and there is still plenty yet to be done.

A good part of last week, it was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears.

I’ll probably be crying in a little while, but those tears will come not from frustration but from wonder at the miracle of music.

filming Lessons and CarolsThe Festival of Lessons and Carols is scheduled for Friday, and in a few minutes I’m on my way to rehearsal, where for 3 hours I will get to put my worries and concerns and plans and work and unfinished business on the back burner and just…make music. Music that puts the focus back where it belongs–giving glory to God, and waiting in “joyful hope.”

I’m not ready for Christmas.

Is anyone ever ready?

Were Mary and Joseph ready?

Was the world ready?

Is the world ready?

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