Wrong-Number Rant

This week I’ve gotten 6 calls on my cell phone. Normally I use it as a texting and Internet machine, so when it actually rings,Image I’m always startled. And I always worry, because the only person who calls my cell phone is the school nurse, and that’s never good news.

6 calls, 6 wrong numbers.

Now, wrong numbers happen. But with so many, I was starting to wonder if someone deliberately gave out the wrong phone number to throw someone else off their trail…

My real issue with the whole thing is that no one is polite anymore when they dial a wrong number. What happened to, “I’m sorry for disturbing you”? What happened to, “I was trying to reach <insert number here>” which gives the person answering the opportunity to confirm that you misdialed?

Instead, you get Deny, Deny, Deny.

You get “OK.”

You get hung up on.

So parents, please teach the Cell-Phone Generation what polite people do when they dial a wrong number.

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