R.I.P. Maytag

For the fourth time in less than ten years, our dishwasher has broken.

Every time, it’s the same. The panel on the front where you select the cycle and turn it on breaks. First the latch that helps you open the dishwasher door starts to disintegrate. You can still use the dishwasher, but it’s a little more challenging. After a while, I guess the pieces of that latch start falling down on the inside, and none of the buttons on the front work anymore.

lonely maytag repairmanSo much for that “lonely Maytag repairman” myth.

Is there a Lemon Law regarding dishwashers?

Middle Sister observed this morning, “You don’t need a dishwasher. You have 3 kids.”

Me: (figuring that none of the kids would be on board for that kind of KP)  “Really?”

Middle Sister:  “Oh…yeah. You need a dishwasher.”

Mr. Appliance says that the average life expectancy of a dishwasher is 12 years. This one isn’t going to make it.

The new KP schedule will be posted on the refrigerator. Have fun, kids.


9 thoughts on “R.I.P. Maytag

  1. In the past 16 years I’ve been through three dishwashers. The last two were what I consider lemons, but the law of averages would not allow that I have had two in a row, so I say they are all just made to die young and provide a living for repairmen in the meantime. I have lost count of how many men have worked on the current one — a Kitchen Aid. Piece. Of. Junk.

  2. My kids wash individual dishes better than they clean the kitchen—somehow they’re blind to all the stuff they leave on the counters! But I think that with 2 at home, come fall, a dishwasher that does little more than sterilize badly, is not worth the energy of loading, unloading, and paying for the electricity or water. However, I will have a hard time convincing anyone of that fact.

  3. I replaced mine last year – After 4 years. Sigh, But I went cheap on the new one and regret it. Mine is a GE. I’d be much happier if I had gone a model up…

  4. That’s the exact same dishwasher we have, and the control panel has been replaced twice. The first time, just a couple of months out of the one-year warranty.
    I hate it with a white hot passion.
    I’m sorry.

  5. Mimi, just out of curiosity, does the latch handle break first? On ours, that’s always the first thing to go and it snowballs from there.

    • I’ve not had that, but interestingly, my handle – post most recent repair – is difficult to open.

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