well built faith lawn chair catechismSomething I read in an early chapter of the Lawn Chair Catechism book reminded me of a passage from a book I read in college. I had copied it down and hung it on the bulletin board over my desk.

That piece of paper is long gone, but I did manage to remember the title of the book where it had come from.

Of course, the book is out of print now, but I was able to locate a copy of it on Paperbackswap, which is a great way to unload books you don’t want anymore and pick up books you do want, all for the price of media-mail postage.

This afternoon, the book landed in my mailbox. I still wasn’t positive that this book was the source of the quote I could sort of still remember. I was a little disappointed that the previous owner of the book had “helpfully” highlighted various passages, but the one that meant so much to me was left unmarked. But it was in there.

the hunger you feel inside IS God. He is with you. You could not even want to be found and touched by God if he were not already touching and moving you to seek to be found by Him.

make space make symbols-from Make Space Make Symbols:  A Personal Journey into Prayer by Keith Clark, Capuchin

The truth behind those three sentences has stayed with me for over 25 years. I’m going to reread the book, and if you find yourself in a used bookshop or out-of-date church library, I recommend that you pick up a copy of this little treasure.

I guess I don’t need to write down those words again and post them on the bulletin board above my desk, because they are already written in my heart.


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