Overheard, the Fashion Plate Edition

Little Brother (inspecting his T-shirt):  thats all you got“Do you think I can still wear this shirt today, even though I spilled Leaky Egg* on it?”

Me: “How about you get a wet paper towel and wipe it up and see how it looks when it dries?”

LB: “Well, I already licked it off, so…”

(*Translation:  a Leaky Egg is an egg over easy. Yes, I know all about salmonella danger. We live on the edge over here.)

The only saving grace here is that the egg seems to have spilled on the bright yellow letters…


6 thoughts on “Overheard, the Fashion Plate Edition

  1. Niiiiice.

    BTW, we called them fried eggs growing up. I’m going to have some for breakfast today, but if I spill it on my shirt, I promise that I won’t lick it. 😉

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