Menu Monday 9

menu Monday

I liked how I set up last week’s “menu”–it was actually just a list of dinners. That worked well for me, so I’m going to do the same for this week.

Last night I made a pot roast; turns out no one else was here to eat it (moral of the story: Cook But Verify.) We’ll have something with leftover pot roast one day this week–and another time in the future.

chicken tomato fennel CM
Chicken with tomato, fennel and basil

Chicken with tomato, fennel and basil; side salad and garlic bread

Chicken tacos with rice and salad on the side

Spaghetti and meatballs, salad

SURVIVAL DINNER: Pork chops with lemon-garlic marinade, Stove Top stuffing, “winter blend” frozen vegetables. This meal can be on the table in under 10 minutes.

Meatless Friday:  Tilapia with ginger and lemongrass, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots

Balsamic chicken with onions and thyme, roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus

I’m linking this menu up at Mary Ellen Barrett’s place. Today, she’s talking cookbooks (one of my favorite topics!) Learn about my favorite cookbook here!

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