Happening now all over social media: ย parents crowing about their children returning to school on Monday.

spiffy penI know that I’m ready for school to start and normal schedules and routines to resume.

What I don’t know is whether I’m going back to school along with the kids.

As far as I know, I’m done. I was asked to be there through Christmas. On December 23, I handed in my keys and told the secretary and my grade-partner teacher where I’d left a binder containing lesson plans, attendance records and grades. I took home my Christmas tree, Nativity scene and chalk holder.

I have no idea whether the teacher whose class I’ve been substitute-teaching will be back on Monday. I guess, due to those health-privacy laws, all kinds of things have to remain secret. And if I had a health issue that kept me from my job, I’d appreciate that privacy.

As Christmas vacation comes to a close, I am left more and more with the feeling that on Monday at 8 AM I’ll be getting a “where are you?” phone call.

My mom, whose decades of experience teaching in Catholic schools give her an opinion I can count on, says that it’s not my place to chase down anyone to find out if I need to be there Monday–but I should make sure to have some school clothes ironed, just in case.

So I guess I’ll clean the leftover candy canes out of my school tote bag and make sure there are plenty of stickers, band-aids and birthday pencils.

Beyond that, I’ll have to settle, right now, for not knowing what Monday will bring. That’s been one benefit of this long-term job. I knew where I’d be each day, and what I’d be doing. For me, that knowledge provides comfort.

I might have a day off on Monday, or I might be called in. I’ll feel better once I know.

7 thoughts on “Unscheduled

  1. I hate to say it, but you could turn your phone off. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Of course, I know you probably will be worrying about those little second graders and wondering who will be with them if it’s not their teacher. They can’t be getting a very good education if they go from substitute to substitute, which is why you were a Godsend.

    May God’s will be done? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You know I can’t turn off my phone, and you have hit on exactly why I’m worrying. I think second-graders need stability and routine even more than I do!

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