Breviary Notes 3/18

Breviary NotesThe Reading for today’s Morning Prayer was Deuteronomy 7: 6, 8-9.

It includes the phrase, “…faithful God who keeps his merciful covenant…”


God’s covenant is merciful.

Of course it is–what else would it be? But I hadn’t thought about it in those terms before! God wants what’s good for us, because He loves us. And that’s what mercy is all about: wanting the good for others.

Today, may we be a sign of mercy in the world in which God has placed us.


One thought on “Breviary Notes 3/18

  1. I love reading something from the Bible or morning prayer … and it’s obviously something familiar but I experience it in a brand new way! God is so good like that … always giving us new insights to ponder, to keep drawing us closer to Him!

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