Book Review: Real Life on a Budget

Real Life on a Budget coverReal Housekeeping contributor Jessi Fearon has written a winner of an ebook on budgeting and frugal living. Real Life on a Budget is packed with advice for establishing a household budget, living within your means, and finding ways to save for the unexpected.

Whether you purchase this book for yourself or as a gift for a recent graduate, newly-married couple or young adult just starting out on his or her own, there’s plenty of sound advice here.

I like to think of myself as a fairly frugal-minded person (yesterday, for example, I saved $63.07 off my grocery bill by using coupons and purchasing items on sale, and I already use dollar-store microfiber cleaning cloths on my Swiffer dry mop) but I’ve learned a lot by reading this book. My favorite chapters: “Identify Budget Wreckers,” “Breaking Bad Money Habits” and “Don’t Be Cheap!”

As our children have grown, our priorities for spending (and saving) money have changed. This book is a good shot in the arm as we take a look at our budget for the next year and our longer-term plans as well.

Real Life on a Budget releases June 30 but you can preorder now and it will be delivered straight to your Kindle on release date! It is priced at $5.99 (and if you skip takeout once this week in favor of a meal prepared at home, you’ll save at least that much!)

Author photo Jessi Fearon

About the author: Jessi Fearon is a wife and mom of two young boys. She is devoted to helping others live well and thrive on a budget while becoming better money managers.

Want to know more? Follow author Jessi Fearon on Twitter and Instagram or check out her blog, The Budget Mama.

Note: Links to this book are Amazon affiliate links, which means that your purchase of this book costs you nothing extra but gives me a little extra to spend on the necessities of life at Amazon.

The Fine Print: I was given a free preview copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for my review, and the opinions expressed here are mine alone.

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