Things Street Urchins Say

Things Street Urchins Say logoIf you’ve hung around here awhile (especially in the summer) you know that I’ve nicknamed The Kid’s friends the Street Urchins. These guys, for the most part, have gone past free-range and are on their way to feral.

Especially when potato chips are involved.

They’re around a lot, possibly because, as one of them mentioned one time, “You’re the only one who lets us in.”

That may be true. But since I do let them in, and keep the soda and chips stocked, I figure I’m allowed to get some comic relief from some of the things they say. Names are withheld to protect the guilty.

While helping to put the solar cover on the pool: “I can’t do this! I’m not jacked!”

When The Kid’s glucose monitor went missing somewhere in the house., one of the Street Urchins suggested that if he found it, he should get a donut. I told them that if one of them found it, I’d get them ALL donuts. They began ransacking the family room.
Urchin #1: “Come on! We have to pray!”
Urchin #2: “I’m not praying!”
Urchin #1: “Then you’re not getting any donuts!”

Advice given to one of the Urchins’ toddler sisters: “Don’t chew with your mouth full.”

“Because I’m not wearing my lucky underpants, that’s why.”
I don’t even want to know.

“I’m going home for dinner. I have to.”
Good, because I did not invite you to eat here.

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