More Things Street Urchins Say

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Urchin 1: “Who said I was going outside?”
Urchin 2: “God did! He invented outside.”

Urchin 1: “I don’t want to go outside! I already broke a window.”

This is true.

For the record, my supersonic ears allowed me to hear that back-porch window shatter as I sat at my desk in the living room, at the complete opposite end of the house, while all the house windows were shut and the air conditioner was running. No one else in the house heard a thing, and they all thought I was nuts as I headed out the back door, yelling, “What did you guys break?”

To his credit, the guilty Urchin immediately admitted that the broken window was his fault and asked to use the phone so he could call his mom about it.

The good news is, nobody got hurt.

The bad news is, I can’t remember who came here and fixed the glass the last time the Urchins broke a window.

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