7QT: What’s for Supper: October 16 and a BONUS Dog Story



I’m linking up at Simcha Fisher’s Patheos Catholic blog, where she’s got a great weekly “What’s for Supper?” feature going on. And since TWO linkups are better than one, and there are SEVEN days in a week of suppers, I’m also joining up with This Ain’t the Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes!

Today, we don’t only have a dinner menu, we’ve got a dog story! Because that’s how we rolled around here this week.


Here’s what we had for supper this week.

FRIDAY 9: Takeout pizza. Yum. (That’s also “What’s for Lunch” for me for the next 3 days.)

Greek steak pitas CSATURDAY: Greek-seasoned steak on pitas with tzatziki sauce, cucumbers and French fries. This was a big hit.



barbecued chicken c titleSUNDAY: Barbecued chicken drumsticks, corn on the cob, salad

crispy ranch chicken tenders C



MONDAY: Crispy ranch chicken tenders, cumin-spiced carrots from The Catholic Foodie’s cookbook, boiled potatoes



TUESDAY: Tacos, Mexican rice, corn. My “secret recipe” for tacos: use a can of tomato sauce in place of water.

WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti and meatballs

Isn't he a sweetie?
Isn’t he a sweetie?

THURSDAY: The dinner plan went right out the window when TheKid walked around the corner to get a haircut (we’re less than half a mile from a shopping center with Target, Panera, Taco Hell, cheap haircut place and more. I’ve hit on the important stuff.)–anyway, a little dog followed him home. We put him (the dog, not TheKid) in our yard and checked his license tag, which only had a license number, no phone number or anything else, and then called the township who forwarded the whole thing to animal control. Meanwhile TheKid called a friend who has a dog to get some kibble for him. And then we were afraid that the dog might just be put down, and he was a friendly little fellow, so I tied a rope to his collar and started walking down the street asking people if they knew the dog. One neighbor drove around the block to ask someone he thought might know who owned it. We finally tracked him down to the house right near where he’d joined TheKid on his way home from the haircut. Apparently they have a doggie door, and the dog knows how to open the gate. No one was home, so I left a note with my phone number and took Louie home with me again. By this time, there was no time to cook dinner before TheKid’s rehearsal, so I put him and the dog in the van, got Chick-Fil-A drive-thru for TheKid, and made the rehearsal run with a rather smelly dog panting behind me in the back seat. 5 minutes after I got back home, his owners called. They only live around the corner, but it took almost 15 minutes after that call before someone drove around to get him, and then all she did was talk to the dog, not to me. TheDad met Big Brother for wings, so that was his dinner, and I got mac & cheese from Panera and returned to rehearsal, where I ate my dinner behind the wheel, in the parking lot. Then I came home for some Benadryl for my itchy eye. There’s a reason we don’t have pets.

2 thoughts on “7QT: What’s for Supper: October 16 and a BONUS Dog Story

  1. Noooooms those greek pitas. What kind of steak do you use, and how do you cook it? I HATE spending money on decent cuts of meat only to ruin them. Halp. Because we would love those.

    Related to your story:
    someone asked if Brian and I have learned anything about parenting from our siblings. My response, after a pause… “Yes. We’ve learned we’re not going to have any animals”.

    • LOVE that about the animals!!! Everyone here wants animals, and I am not-so-secretly relieved that my allergies prohibit them. Even those dogs that are “hypoallergenic” give me hives and itches. I think it’s actually the saliva, not the hair.

      For the Greek pitas, I just used a London broil and Hubs grilled it. Cheap steak, great in marinade. The marinade was loosely based on the Shish Kebab marinade from Catholic Foodie: 1/2 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup EVOO, 2 TBL Worcestershire, 2 tsp kosher salt, 2 tsp black pepper, 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper, 2 tsp dried mint (crushed), 5 minced garlic cloves. I need to write all that up. We’ll definitely be making that again. Buy twice the steak you’ll need. This will freeze well, and you can reheat it in a hot cast-iron skillet and serve it as fajitas OR more Greek pitas!

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