What’s for Supper? 10/30 – 11/5, 2015



I’m linking up at Simcha Fisher’s Patheos Catholic blog, where she’s got a great weekly “What’s for Supper?” feature going on. And since TWO linkups are better than one, and there are SEVEN days in a week of suppers, I’m also joining up with This Ain’t the Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes!


Yup. I’m really late today. I spent the morning in the school library, like I do on most Fridays. In the afternoon I was the second-grade substitute. We had a little extra time, so I played a game with them: guess how to spell my name. (The kids have known me since pre-K, but have never seen my name written down.)

name challenge

It took them 20 minutes.

Here’s what we had for supper this week.

Friday 30: Steelhead trout, baked with olive oil and salt. There were side dishes, but I have no idea what they were.

Saturday 31: Hoagies on the way to the Notre Dame football game! Go Irish!

pork chop cider mustard roasted veg (6)T CSunday 1: Pork chops with apple cider-mustard glaze and roasted sweet potatoes with apples, carrots and onions. I still need to write up the recipe!



chicken caroline T CMonday 2: Chicken Caroline. I don’t remember the sides.

pot roast with noodles TC



Tuesday 3: Pot roast, noodles, gravy, mushrooms.

Wednesday 4: Pasta with Italian sausage.



chicken caesar sandwich c titleThursday 5: Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

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