What’s for Supper? Dec. 4-10

I’m linking up at Simcha Fisher’s blog at Aletia, where she’s got a great weekly “What’s for Supper?” feature going on. And since TWO linkups are better than one, and there are SEVEN days in a week of suppers, I’m also joining up with 7 Quick Takes!WFD collage 12102015
Here’s what we had for supper this week (and it featured WAY too much rice. Even for me, and I love rice.)

FRIDAY: Pizza. We had a Street Urchin invasion and I didn’t have enough fish to feed the whole crowd.

SATURDAY: Pork carnitas with pico de gallo, pinto beans and rice.

SUNDAY: Tandoori chicken thighs, roasted potatoes, green beans.

MONDAY: Hawaiian chicken, rice, vegetables.

TUESDAY: Leftover pot roast (I freeze this), noodles, gravy, roasted carrots with cumin.

WEDNESDAY: Vodka pasta, garlic bread.

THURSDAY: Chicken with lemon, thyme and onions, rice, steamed spinach.

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