Monday Recap: January 2016

Monday recap 2016 edition

New year, new logo! I’m also going to be doing recaps monthly instead of weekly, with the hope that I’ll be doing more writing here rather than just gathering up links to what I’m writing elsewhere. We’ll see how that goes.

I was pleased, in December, to be contacted by’s Reading Matters, because they wanted to publish one of my YA book reviews. There may be more to come, and I’m grateful for the privilege of sharing my reviews with their audience.


CM Christmas Cookie ExchangeChristmas Cookie Exchange: Mrs. Wagner’s Cookies: For our Christmas Cookie Exchange, I shared the cookie recipe that’s become a family tradition–and makes plenty of cookies to share!

chasing a second chanceBook Notes: A Christmas-Season Sequel. What’s more fun than a sequel to a novel you’ve enjoyed? A sequel set at Christmastime! I reviewed Chasing a Second Chance by contributor Lisa Lawmaster Hess.


meatless-friday-redesignMeatless Fridays: A Year of Mercy Resolution. Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? I encourage you to consider observing Meatless Fridays all year ’round during the Year of Mercy.

Blessing KitsBless Your Home for Epiphany. I’m sharing our parish’s custom of distributing home-blessing kits to families.

At Cook and Count

Monday Recap recipes Jan 2016

Cashew Chicken: better than takeout, because you can customize the recipe just to your liking.

Almond Doodles: a crunchy twist on your standard snickerdoodle.

Mrs. Wagner’s Christmas Cookies: a recipe shared with my family by our “extra grandmother.”

Peppermint M&M Chocolate Cookies: If you enjoy chocolate and mint together, you’ll love these festive cookies!

At Reading Matters’s Reading Matters blog picked up my review of Theresa Linden’s Roland West, Loner!

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