On Barb’s Bookshelf: Half Missing

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Amber is an assistant Fire Marshall in a small town, investigating suspected arsons and running from her painful past in her spare time. Her mom, Maureen, redeemed a nightmare birth experience by becoming a licensed midwife. And one day they see a woman on the news who looks and sounds like she could be Amber’s twin.

Caught up against her will in Maureen’s search for the truth, Amber’s investigative skills serve as both a blessing and a curse. Meanwhile, one state away, Katie wonders if there’s any truth to what Maureen and Amber have come to believe: that Katie is Amber’s twin, spirited away at birth by a doctor for a black-market adoption.

With believable characters caught in an awful situation in which the truth isn’t going to set everyone free, Jane Lebak’s novel Half Missing keeps the reader in suspense until the very end. The author is a fabulous storyteller whose attention to detail left me sympathizing with quite a few characters, including Amber, Maureen, Katie and Scott, Amber’s coworker who wishes she’d notice him.

Spend a snowy afternoon reading this novel. It would make a great movie!

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