#WorthRevisit: French Toast and Mercy

The Year of Mercy is a great time to concentrate on ways we can involve our whole family in acts of mercy toward others. I just finished reading Divine Mercy for Moms, which is all about this topic (and which deserves a real review of its own–coming soon!) And over at CatholicMom.com we’re planning a special summertime feature called “Ordinary Time, Extraordinary Mercy” beginning after Pentecost. So I’ve got mercy on my mind these days.

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Here’s a look back at one spring day 11 years ago when my Big Kids (ages 9 and 13 at the time) really stepped up their mercy game.

Photo by annaj (2015) via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.
Photo by annaj (2015) via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

Today one of my neighbors was down with the Flu. This afternoon she came outside with her children (4 1/2 years, and 14 months) and she looked so worn out that I told her to pass the kids over the fence to me and let the kids play here. My Big Kids were helpful with the children, and she got a bit of a nap. Then when she came back out for them, she said that the kids would be eating French toast for dinner.

French toast is Big Brother’s specialty.

I told Big Brother I had a special catering job for him, and sent him inside to make enough French toast for the two little ones. Middle Sister helped him out, cut it all up and put it on plates for the kids.
We passed the children and their dinner back over the fence to their Mommy.

Big Brother bragged about his use of the Secret Ingredient (my guess is, it was cinnamon sugar).

I’m very proud of how my Big Kids were helpful to our neighbor in this way, and without complaining or whining. Good job, Big Kids! I will be sure they are justly rewarded even though (and maybe especially because) they didn’t look for what was in it for them.

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