Fun Friday: Seen About Town

When you’re out and about, do you bring your sense of humor with you? I definitely recommend it. It’s hard to give in to road rage when you’re laughing at things you see while out on the road.

This week I’ve noticed some strange and fascinating (and just plain silly) things as I’ve gone about my errands.

A real-life Bluesmobile at the Wawa.bluesmobile

Unfortunately, Jake and Elwood were nowhere in sight.

I spotted yet another Bluesmobile not five minutes later, but I was driving and couldn’t take a photo. That one still had a municipal seal on the driver’s door, but it was partially obscured by spray paint.


Another day, I saw two vehicles with interesting messages on them. Again, I was driving (and alone in the car) so I couldn’t get photos.

But I’ve never driven behind a car that advertised, among other services, “crime scene cleanup.”

And then there was the plumbing truck, complete with this customer testimonial: “It’s a privilege to flush my toilet.”

I am not even making that up. I was laughing so hard I could barely see to drive.

And from the Department of There Must Be a Reason They Needed This Sign:


If I were a fiction writer, this could lead to some fun speculation.

What strange and funny things have you noticed this week?


This month I’m joining all the cool kids in the #Write31Days adventure! I didn’t pick a keyword or a theme, because just getting something written for all 31 days is challenge enough for me right now.

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