Small Success: Cookies and Halloween


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It’s been a busy week. Here are the highlights:

  • Took Hubs for his 4-year cancer checkup–so far so good!
  • Took Hubs for his first colonoscopy.
  • Deflected all suggestions that since I’m older than he is, I should schedule a colonoscopy for myself.
  • Enjoyed Halloween. I love answering the door to trick-or-treaters and chatting with little kids about their costumes. One small dinosaur opened my front door and walked into the house! I’m guessing it’s the first Halloween he wasn’t captive in a stroller.
  • Worked on a meal plan for November. I’ve got the first 3 weeks done, anyway, and even made a grocery list for the produce that goes with recipes for each week as well as the ingredients that might not be in the pantry.
  • Prepared a meal to bring to one of TheKid’s soccer teammates’ family as they mourn the loss of their dad. I’ve packed up a salad, a batch of Enchilada Soup (along with the required tortilla chips) and a dozen “Chocolate Therapy Cookies.”
  • Unsubscribed from an email list that brings back unpleasant memories every time I see the name of the sender: someone with whom I used to work who became a thorn in my side. Nothing bad happened, but there were conflicts. I guess I should pray for him even as I hit that unsubscribe button. Meanwhile I’m just feeling relieved that I finally eliminated any chance that I’ll see that name in my inbox.

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