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In Menopause Moments: a journal for nourishing your mind, body and spirit in midlife, Melanie Rigney explores menopause with compassion. Melanie encourages women not to view the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of menopause as setbacks, inviting readers instead to laugh a little, to find ways to be grateful amid physical and emotional turbulence, and to practice self-care.

This journal is packed with gentle, practical tips for embracing and contemplating God’s plan in this season of life. Use it as you like: a section a day, a section a week, go through it here and there as you need it — the design is open-ended enough for you to switch it up as you like.

From the Preface:

This journal’s purpose is to show you you’re never alone, and maybe to make you laugh a little. There’s a short reflection for each entry, along with a verse to contemplate, an action item, and a spark for reflecting or praying. You can start with day one, or thumb through to find the page you need that particular day. Either way, I hope you feel refreshed and more confident in your future, yourself, and your faith. (viii)

When I was slammed into instant menopause due to major surgery at age 46, keeping a sense of humor is one of the things that got me through. In some ways I was lucky, as I knew what was coming, though the severity and frequency of symptoms varied day by day. I remember begging my husband to add a room with a walk-in freezer to the back of my house so I could stand in there during hot flashes. (The poor guy. He had no idea what was coming. Melanie might need to start working on a companion journal for husbands with menopausal wives.)

My vision of self-care often involves M&Ms and never involves manicures. But one of my favorite parts of Menopause Moments is the Action section in each chapter. Some actions are concrete things you can do to help yourself or others: change up (or begin) an exercise routine, helping an elder relative or friend find ways to give of themselves, memorizing a favorite Scripture passage, and, yes, hosting a manicure night with friends. Journaling along with Menopause Moments is one of the best self-care practices a woman can begin during this life-changing experience.

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