Adrift: The Molly Chase Series Continues

The Molly Chase series by Rhonda Ortiz, set in post-Revolutionary War Boston (with some side trips to Philadelphia) is a delicious read. Grab a seat in your favorite chair, pour a cup of coffee (Molly’s favorite) or tea (but please, no oolong!) and dive in to this excellent series from Chrism Press. The second book in the series releases tomorrow, August 8.




Picking up right where the first book in the series leaves off, Adrift chronicles Molly and Josiah’s complicated search for a church for their wedding, Josiah’s venture into work on land, and some fascinating surprises in the lives of their friends. Some of the secondary characters in this book deserve their own novels! The espionage that figured into the plot of In Pieces is a major plot point, with two characters traveling to Philadelphia—as the yellow fever pandemic begins. A good deal of the novel’s action takes place in Philadelphia and centers on the lives, work, and social standing of biracial characters.

Rhonda knows how to tell a story, that’s for sure. I didn’t want to put this book down (and it was no different when I read the first book)! In this series, tough topics are discussed, but there’s plenty of friendly banter (so much banter—my favorite part!), nail-biting suspense, and painstakingly-researched historical detail to keep these novels from feeling too weighty. I know I’ll be rereading this book, sooner rather than later. And I’ll probably do so again when it’s time for the third book to come out (I’m trying to be patient and not hassle Rhonda, who has six young children, to hurry up with that—she probably never sleeps as it is).

From my full review of In Pieces, Book 1 of the Molly Chase series: Readers will cheer for the strong female characters and the smitten, determined hero who battle rigid social expectations and a villain you’ll love to hate. An “oh, no, he didn’t!” King David-style conflict, a Custom-House mystery, some PTSD, and even a little espionage make In Pieces a novel you won’t be able to put down. I think I’ve read it four times already.

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Chrism Press offers both ebooks and paperback versions of these novels, and it’s super simple to buy ebooks this way, direct from the publisher. As soon as you complete your purchase of any ebook from Chrism Press (or any Whitefire Publishing imprint), you’ll have the opportunity to download it immediately. Pro tip: ebook preorders often are available to purchasers before the release date! Download your ePUB file, and then send it to your e-reader of choice.



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