Small Success Thursday: Home Improvement

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I’ve been doing a little here-and-there organizing this week, and I’m pretty pleased with that. So I called this week “home improvement,” even though no hammers, screwdrivers or power tools were involved.

1. In my continuing battle against the wet-swimsuits-left-in-random-places issue that comes along every single summer, I took the laundry drying rack out of the basement and put it up on our enclosed back porch. I don’t think that a laundry drying rack looks very nice on the porch, but it sure beats crumpled, damp swimsuits, t-shirts and towels on every porch chair. That’s mildew waiting to happen, people!

2. I also tackled the laundry area of the basement, which has a large shelf unit that’s handy for holding detergent, “Pray ‘N’ Wash,” the old towels we keep around in case the utility sink overflows or for when we defrost the freezer, and cleaning supplies. The shelves are fairly deep, so things get pushed to the back and never seen again. One hour and one Hefty bag, later, I’d cleaned, sorted, and put things back neatly. I even used some old kids’ placemats to line the shelves in case of detergent spills. It’s much better, and the stuff I need most frequently is easy to reach. (Since I’m the only one who does the laundry here, this job was all for me, but I was happy to get it done.)

basement before and after

3. I started using the free Wunderlist app, which syncs across all my devices, to keep track of those little home-organization chores I want to get done. wunderlist logo(I use it already for other purposes, but having the list there means I don’t lose the piece of paper where I wrote down the tasks I want to complete for the basement or porch or family room.) And I just found out that this app allows for repeating tasks, making it even MORE useful.

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And they’re off!

TheDad and Big Brother left early this morning for a fun-filled, bug-filled week at Boy Scout Camp. Big Brother’s plans include rifle-shooting and water-skiing. TheDad’s plans include finding an electrical outlet to plug in his laptop so he can get some writing done.

After church, I will be taking Middle Sister and Little Brother to my parents’ house for a few days. Computer access will be spotty at best, though I’ll have the laptop with me so I can burn some CDs for my mom. We’ll be back home midweek, just in time for me to do a little furniture-shuffling before the Scouts’ return. Or maybe I’ll just clean out my desk, which is in the living room, so it’s always a challenge to keep it neat and functional. This is “as good as it usually gets” but nowhere near what I’d really like it to be.

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