And they’re off!

TheDad and Big Brother left early this morning for a fun-filled, bug-filled week at Boy Scout Camp. Big Brother’s plans include rifle-shooting and water-skiing. TheDad’s plans include finding an electrical outlet to plug in his laptop so he can get some writing done.

After church, I will be taking Middle Sister and Little Brother to my parents’ house for a few days. Computer access will be spotty at best, though I’ll have the laptop with me so I can burn some CDs for my mom. We’ll be back home midweek, just in time for me to do a little furniture-shuffling before the Scouts’ return. Or maybe I’ll just clean out my desk, which is in the living room, so it’s always a challenge to keep it neat and functional. This is “as good as it usually gets” but nowhere near what I’d really like it to be.

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