What’s that Tau All About?

My nieces notice, and comment upon, my Tau cross often. They consider it just a fashion accessory–but one I’m always wearing.

Today, one of them was complaining about the fact that the Tau has three knots on the cord–one on one side of the cross and two on the other.

“Aunt Bb,” she asked, “why can’t you put another knot in the other side of that cord? It drives me crazy that you have two on one side but one on the other.”

“There are supposed to be three knots on the cord, not four.”

I couldn’t remember off the top of my head what the three knots are really all about, when she asked me this. I answered, “I think they are to symbolize faith, hope and charity.” (A good guess, but wrong…Bad Franciscan!!)

“Well, if you put in one more knot, they could be for faith, hope, charity and me!”

I guess she wants to make sure that I think of her often. I do, even if I don’t put an extra knot in my Tau cord in her honor!

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