What’s for Supper? September 11-17, 2015


I’m linking up at Simcha Fisher’s Patheos Catholic blog, where she’s got a great weekly “What’s for Supper?” feature going on. Here’s what we had for dinner this week.

FRIDAY 11: Takeout pizza.

barbecued chicken c titleSATURDAY 12: Grilled chicken, yellow rice (from a mix), salad.

SUNDAY 13: “Fend for yourself” once again; I had a picnic at a church event. TheDad and TheKid made do.

steak fajitas from leftovers T (2)c for cook and countMONDAY 14: Beef fajitas with leftover steak (which I freeze immediately after the meal to deter poachers). Just warm up the steak in the last few minutes of cooking the fajita vegetables.

skillet chicken noodles c tTUESDAY 15: Skillet Chicken and Noodles. This can be on the table in about 35 minutes, it’s satisfying, and if there are any leftovers, it makes a great lunch!

apple coffee cake (12) c tWEDNESDAY 16: As on most Wednesdays, spaghetti and meatballs. And we had a birthday at folk-group practice, so I baked an Apple Coffee Cake.

chicken caroline T CTHURSDAY 17: Chicken Caroline, rice, green beans.

What’s on your dinner menu for the week?

What’s for Supper? September 4-10


I’m linking up at Simcha Fisher’s Patheos Catholic blog, where she’s got a great weekly “What’s for Supper?” feature going on. Here’s what we had for dinner this week.

I’m curious: do you say “dinner” or “supper?” It was always “supper” growing up–“dinner” was reserved for holidays, when we ate with the extended family, used the dining room and had tablecloths and fancy dishes. But when I went to college, the cafeteria called it “dinner.”

shrimp scampi c TITLE

FRIDAY 4: Shrimp Scampi with pasta, which was such a hastily-put-together dinner that I wound up having to call my neighbor for a box of spaghetti.

spicy orange chicken 3 c title

SATURDAY 5: Spicy Orange Chicken with brown rice and Sesame Green Beans.

baked salmon 1 c title sq

piselli rustica 2 c title

SUNDAY 6: Baked Salmon using the Catholic Foodie’s recipe, Rustic Peas and Parsley Potatoes.

sausage and peppers (8)c title

MONDAY 7: we hosted a Labor Day picnic. I made baked beans, grilled hot dogs, salad and sausage and peppers–a giant batch, in the roaster oven.

chicken caesar sandwich c title

TUESDAY 8: Chicken Caesar Sandwiches (we had a lot of leftover rolls after Monday’s picnic, so this was a way to use them up!)

WEDNESDAY 9: Spaghetti and meatballs.

THURSDAY 10: Fend for yourself! Big Brother took me to Center City Philly for my (belated) birthday dinner. We enjoyed Asian food served tapas style at Sampan.

What’s for Supper? August 23-29, 2015


I’m a huge fan of meal-planning linkups, so I was all aboard when Simcha Fisher announced she’d be hosting a “What’s for Supper?” linkup each week. The best part about this linkup is that you don’t do your week-ahead meal plan, but actually your week-before plan. So you get the real thing here. Or as much of the real thing as we remember.

steak fajitas from leftovers (2)c for cook and count

SUNDAY 23: Steak fajitas and macaroni salad

piccata bites c

MONDAY 24: Chicken piccata bites, steamed spinach, rice

big batch savvy spaghetti and meatballs RHTUESDAY 25: Spaghetti. I made a big batch on Tuesday, so now I have enough in the freezer for 10 more dinners (the containers keep getting smaller as the number of people eating dinner in this house shrinks. We’re down to 3 now…)

BYO Strawberry shortcakeWEDNESDAY 26: Happy Birthday to TheDad! Big Brother came home for dinner and grilled New York strip steaks (seasoned just with salt and garlic pepper). I baked sweet potatoes and made corn on the cob. For dessert, we had “build your own strawberry shortcake” with pound cake, fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberries (and mini chocolate chips).

Hawaiian Chicken c titleTHURSDAY 27: Hawaiian chicken over rice with broccoli/cauliflower vegetable blend.

FRIDAY 28: We visited my parents. They made grilled salmon with honey mustard, corn on the cob, broccoli & cauliflower, raw carrots and celery and Caesar salad.

barbecued chicken c title

SATURDAY 29: Barbecued chicken, salad, and Trinity Rice (to use up the leftover rice from earlier in the week).

trinity rice with almonds c square

Hop on over to Simcha’s linkup and get some great ideas for your family dinners!

Menu Monday 8

menu MondayLinking up with Mary Ellen Barrett’s weekly feature!

A few changeups of note from last week:

On Monday I took the night off and got Chick-Fil-A for myself and the Kid. Hubs called just before I started cooking to say he’d be so late that he and his team at work had ordered pizza.

Friday, Big Brother was supposed to come home for dinner and we were supposed to have fish. But his car (Hubs’ old 2002 Hyundai, with over 170,000 miles on it) broke down JUST before he got onto a terrifyingly busy Philadelphia highway during the afternoon rush (thank you, Guardian Angel!) I had to feed the Kid at a reasonable hour, so while Hubs rescued Big Brother, I revamped that fish plan. I needed some comfort food, plain and simple, and something that I could keep warm until the guys were home. So I cut up half a pound of swai fillets and mixed it into Barbara Mahany’s mac n cheese recipe and served that with a salad. Big Brother suggests that next time I season it with Old Bay. It was GOOD STUFF.

Grace Before MealsSaturday, BOTH the Big Kids were home for dinner, and I was a happy mom, even though the Notre Dame football game didn’t go the way I wanted it. We had steak fajitas based on Father Leo Patalinghug’s recipe. I guess I’ve changed it up enough that I can write up how I do them. I highly recommend this cookbook!

I’m not assigning days to this week’s meals. Here’s what we’re having. I have all the ingredients for all of these meals, and I’m going to pick and choose as the mood strikes.

Here’s what’s in the plan:

Miss Jill Chicken, French fries, vegetable. The Kid would eat this 5 times a week if I’d let him!

Asian wraps 1Asian turkey wraps, fried rice

Sarah Reinhard’s beef & noodles, carrots. This one needs a write-up too!

Chicken tacos, fiesta potatoes, salad

Spaghetti and meatballs, salad

Not-So-Spicy Peanut Pork, rice. I’m subbing in strips of boneless pork chops for the chicken in this recipe.

Friday is a night off: the Kid has a dinner for the youth theater company he belongs to. I have a rehearsal. Hubs will be on his own.