A Tale of My Two Boys

I spent a couple of hours today with Little Brother at the local Destruction Site where, as he puts it, they are “wocking down K-Mart.” We saw three excavators in action as well as several dump trucks, bulldozers and other giant machines at work. What better way for a little boy to spend a spring morning? Of course, he spent part of the afternoon showing the neighbors’
children what the “bullbozers” were doing to the former discount store.

Now I sit here listening as Big Brother, a newly-minted teenager (am I really the parent of a TEENAGER?!) watches his favorite Discovery Channel show, “Mythbusters” where such things are tested out as:
–does eating Pop Rocks with a soda chaser really make your stomach explode?
–can you kill a person by flipping a playing card at him?
–will you be sucked down to the bottom of the ocean with a sinking ship?
–can you break out of jail using salsa?
I imagine that in ten short years, history will repeat itself and I will one again have a seventh-grader with a fascination for these questions. Why does it seem like only yesterday that I took Big Brother to watch the firemen wash the fire engines every week after our trip to the bank?

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