Little Brother’s Idea of an Anthill

Little Brother was outside with Middle Sister and Big Brother. For a few minutes he was absolutely quiet and still, just squatting and staring at one spot on the sidewalk. We asked him what he was looking at. “Come and see!” he told us.
There were two anthills along a crack in the sidewalk. Ants were busily going in and out.
“Those are the ants’ houses,” we informed him.
Then we got the full story, as only a three-year-old can tell it.
“The ants live in there. They have rooms. They like their rooms. And they have VIDEO GAMES, and a fire truck, and a fireman, and a hose, and a GIRL!”
Big Brother also reports that Little Brother believes that there are fish tanks in the anthills, and that he made a “road” for the ants by dragging his finger down the side of the hill of sand. “The ants like my road.”
The little guy is very upset that one of the neighbor children swept up an anthill yesterday. I think he wants to ban all brooms from the neighborhood.
Big Brother wants to get him an ant farm for his next birthday, but I am vetoing that idea. We moms spend enough time trying to keep those particular creatures OUT of our homes. They may be part of God’s creation and I am certainly glad that Little Brother is interested in them, and even though “all God’s critters have a place in the choir” they do not all have a place in my home!

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