Airhead Moments

I have gotten so used to Little Brother tagging along with the Big Kids that I tried to register him for school next year without presenting any documents!

Middle Sister brought home her school registration forms on Friday. I filled out the form for bus transportation, wrote out the check, and wrote her name AND Little Brother’s name on the registration. I added a little sticky note to the secretary asking for another bus form, as the district requires one bus form per child.

I guess that because Little Brother has always been made welcome in the Big Kids’ schools, I just figured everyone knew he was coming.

BZZZZT! Wrong! Thank you for playing!

The secretary sent me the bus form along with a reminder that children registering for kindergarten must present their birth certificate, baptism certificate, and immunization records. You know, those important details.

I’ll bring them to the school today when I go to help in the lunchroom. I also have to bring Middle Sister’s gym clothes, because when she came downstairs dressed in those this morning, I pointed to the Catholic Schools Week calendar and showed here where it said “Thursday: All students wear gym clothes.” Today is Wednesday–so I made her change, despite her arguments that today is the day for the gym clothes. She got to school and the kids were all in gym clothes. (??????)

The people in the school office are probably convinced by now that I am a complete and total airhead. I’ll have to see if I can do anything else to confirm their opinion of me.

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