Sympathy v. Practicality

Middle Sister’s school held a “Teddy Bear Clinic” as part of a Heath Fair today. She informed me a few minutes ago, “Oh, yeah, my teddy bear has one leg shorter than the other. And it’s bent.” She ran to get the bear to show me his infirmity.

I had a hard time dredging up sympathy for Barbaro, much less for a teddy bear who appears sufficiently cute, soft and cuddly. “He looks fine to me,” I answered.

Not good enough. She wants to fix him. My sewing skills stop at Boy Scout merit badge installation, and they’re pretty limited in that arena.

I suggested, “Can’t you just get him a pair of special shoes to compensate for the one short leg?”

Not good enough. Middle Sister was last seen rummaging in the first-aid supplies.

This is not going to be good.

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