New Catholic Radio Resource

I’ve recently been enjoying some of the offerings from a new Catholic “internet radio” resource: Catholic Radio International.
Here’s a little bit of background from their site:

We created Catholic Radio International to bring you honest and truthful information about our world. We promise never to pull punches when giving you the news, critiquing our culture or discussing the faith.

Our goal is to provide you with straightforward information and insights about the world around us – insights which we believe are essential for the well-being of our culture, nation and ourselves.

Above all, conscious of our responsibility as Christians to our fellow men, we will strive to deliver to you more than mere news but also to communicate to you an understanding of “He who is”, as Pope Benedict XVI wrote, “the ultimate foundation and meaning of human, personal and social existence.”

Right now, there are three different programs you can choose from, along with the days of the week that they are updated:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Thread of Grace with Sally Robb: Connecting our faith and our daily life.

Tuesday, Thursday: The Heart of the Matter: Current events from a Catholic perspective. Topics have included war, environmentalism, euthanasia, the Mass in Latin, China, freedom of speech, and more.

Biweekly: UltraSound: Prolife programming.

I thought I was too busy to listen to this kind of radio program, but then I discovered that they’re only about 5 minutes long. I can listen while I tidy up my desk or dust the living room. The programs are well-produced, faithful to the magisterium, and provide food for thought that lasts long after the 5-minute show ends.

How did I find out about Catholic Radio International? My “cousin-in-law” Tom Szyszkiewicz is one of the cofounders. You may recognize his name from his freelance work in the National Catholic Register. I wish him every success in this new venture.

Check it out!

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