A Sporting Chance

Little Brother receives a subscription to Magnifikid! magazine. This is one of those things that I wish had existed when my Big Kids were younger. Once a child can read, this magazine is perfect. He can follow along through the whole Mass, and there are special activities to keep a wiggly kid busy during the homily, a weekly comic, and parent resources. (Need a First Communion gift idea? Look no further.)

TheDad is taking Little Brother to an earlier Mass than usual today, and as they headed out the door I called out, “Little Brother! Don’t forget your magazine!”

Sports Illustrated for Kids?” he replied eagerly.

Tired of the Easter Flip-Flop!

Every Easter and Christmas it’s always the same. I don’t have enough ribbons in my Liturgy of the Hours to take care of marking antiphons, psalms, daily stuff, AND the saint. And I sit there flipping around in the book and getting all irritated that they couldn’t print the Easter Sunday and Christmas Day antiphons for Morning Prayer in with Sunday Week 1, since each of those days gets used for 8 straight days, but all the other “special” Sundays (Easter 5, Lent 1, Lent 5, etc.) got printed.

So I’ve taken matters into my own hands and printed out a bookmark with the antiphons for each of those days. Feel free to download and print it for yourself.

Hope this helps you!

New to the Blogroll

New to my blogroll is More Moms for McCain.

From their sidebar:

**We want a future for our children that is full of goodness and hope.

**We want a tomorrow full of opportunity for them.

**We want a country that stresses both individualism and community–a place where people reach out in kindness to help, but also encourage one another in self-sufficiency.

**We want safety, security and a country with a CULTURE OF LIFE.

**We want freedom to worship our God without ridicule.

**We want minimal government intrusion and the LIBERTY to PURSUE HAPPINESS.

**We want to keep what we work so hard to earn.

**We want to be partners in rebuilding the America our forefathers envisioned.


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Fun Resource for Kids

Soutenus pointed out the Sunday Stickers program. Basically, it’s a little sticker album and each week the child places a sticker in it after they have attended Mass. It was designed to be use parish-wide but it can certainly be fun on a “family level” as well.
In the USA, the price for single copies is $7.50 for the year, which includes the album and the stickers for the year. They are taking pre-orders (pay nothing now) because they need to have orders for 2000 copies before going to print. Pre-orders can be made until September 7, and you won’t be able to buy an album if you don’t pre-order.

I ordered one for Little Brother and one for Adventure Boy.

And don’t forget to check out Who’s Behind It, which explains the origin of the idea and where the proceedss from these albums will go. Certainly a worthy cause! In fact, this is a non-profit venture done largely through volunteer labor, because they believe it’s an important service.

Summer’s Coming! Remember your Local Food Pantry!

Please keep in mind that with the coming of summer is the end of school lunches and even breakfasts for children whose families cannot afford to purchase sufficient food.

Our local food pantry is pretty empty these days. The need is great and donations slow down in the summertime. More children benefit from food pantries in the summer, so they have a need for more kid-friendly, nutritious foods (peanut butter, soups, breakfast cereals…)

So please remember to donate (food, money, or your time and talent) to your food pantry this summer!

New Catholic Radio Resource

I’ve recently been enjoying some of the offerings from a new Catholic “internet radio” resource: Catholic Radio International.
Here’s a little bit of background from their site:

We created Catholic Radio International to bring you honest and truthful information about our world. We promise never to pull punches when giving you the news, critiquing our culture or discussing the faith.

Our goal is to provide you with straightforward information and insights about the world around us – insights which we believe are essential for the well-being of our culture, nation and ourselves.

Above all, conscious of our responsibility as Christians to our fellow men, we will strive to deliver to you more than mere news but also to communicate to you an understanding of “He who is”, as Pope Benedict XVI wrote, “the ultimate foundation and meaning of human, personal and social existence.”

Right now, there are three different programs you can choose from, along with the days of the week that they are updated:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Thread of Grace with Sally Robb: Connecting our faith and our daily life.

Tuesday, Thursday: The Heart of the Matter: Current events from a Catholic perspective. Topics have included war, environmentalism, euthanasia, the Mass in Latin, China, freedom of speech, and more.

Biweekly: UltraSound: Prolife programming.

I thought I was too busy to listen to this kind of radio program, but then I discovered that they’re only about 5 minutes long. I can listen while I tidy up my desk or dust the living room. The programs are well-produced, faithful to the magisterium, and provide food for thought that lasts long after the 5-minute show ends.

How did I find out about Catholic Radio International? My “cousin-in-law” Tom Szyszkiewicz is one of the cofounders. You may recognize his name from his freelance work in the National Catholic Register. I wish him every success in this new venture.

Check it out!