A Sporting Chance

Little Brother receives a subscription to Magnifikid! magazine. This is one of those things that I wish had existed when my Big Kids were younger. Once a child can read, this magazine is perfect. He can follow along through the whole Mass, and there are special activities to keep a wiggly kid busy during the homily, a weekly comic, and parent resources. (Need a First Communion gift idea? Look no further.)

TheDad is taking Little Brother to an earlier Mass than usual today, and as they headed out the door I called out, “Little Brother! Don’t forget your magazine!”

Sports Illustrated for Kids?” he replied eagerly.

4 thoughts on “A Sporting Chance

  1. lol – nice try, Little Brother! ;)And Fiver loves his MagnifiKid! He forgot his today, and he wanted us to drive home to get it!

  2. We love Magnifikid! Our parish buys it for all of the kids getting ready for First Communion. I just wish they'd make a similar publication for teens. Magnifikid really isn't for them, and Magnificat is just too much.

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