A Sporting Chance

Little Brother receives a subscription to Magnifikid! magazine. This is one of those things that I wish had existed when my Big Kids were younger. Once a child can read, this magazine is perfect. He can follow along through the whole Mass, and there are special activities to keep a wiggly kid busy during the homily, a weekly comic, and parent resources. (Need a First Communion gift idea? Look no further.)

TheDad is taking Little Brother to an earlier Mass than usual today, and as they headed out the door I called out, “Little Brother! Don’t forget your magazine!”

Sports Illustrated for Kids?” he replied eagerly.

4 thoughts on “A Sporting Chance

  1. We love Magnifikid! Our parish buys it for all of the kids getting ready for First Communion. I just wish they'd make a similar publication for teens. Magnifikid really isn't for them, and Magnificat is just too much.


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