Grace Before Meals

I’m a big fan of Father Leo Patalinghug’s website and his cookbook (worth the purchase price to get that “secret” fajita recipe).

I have the feeling that someone at my daughter’s high school has also been influenced by Father Leo. Either that, or great minds think alike.

Tonight is the first night of “Tech Week” as the kids get ready for the spring musical. For seven nights of “Tech Week” (each weekday this week, as well as Monday & Tuesday of next week), a group of parents will arrive at school at 4 PM to cook and serve dinner to the 150 students participating in the play, stage crew and orchestra. It’s a way to make sure that these very busy kids get a good meal before rehearsal, rather than a fast-food sandwich. But it’s also a way to help the kids bond as they work toward a common goal.

I’ll be there to cook, serve and clean up on four of the seven nights, and I’m really looking forward to it. I think this will be a wonderful experience for all the “play kids”–and the parents as well.

And when the play is over, I’ll look forward to having the whole family back around my dining-room table again. But if the kids can’t be here, I’m glad they’ll be there.

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