My Pleasure

I had the pleasure of helping to serve dinner to 150 students, staff members, and future students at Middle Sister’s high school tonight. Along with about 12 other parents and grandparents, I made iced tea, kept the baked ziti and meatballs hot, set up the dessert tray and spooned out salad.

The kids made it all worthwhile. Not one went through the line without thanking us many times over: for handing them a cup of iced tea or water, for extra scoops of baked ziti, for the delicious meal. Some kids even came back through the line to compliment the parents on the dinner. And before they all headed to the auditorium for rehearsal, they gave us a standing ovation.

The kids were happy, polite, and friendly. Truly a credit to the school–and their parents.

2 thoughts on “My Pleasure

  1. It's a great school. I spent 8 years as a parent there from 1999-2007 and am looking forward to another 4 with my youngest beginning in September. Enjoy your years there!

  2. Hi Diane, nice to "meet" you! My older son graduated last year, so I've already got 4 years under my belt at the school. 3 more with my daughter, then a 2-year break, and then my youngest will be there. I'll see you next year! (And I agree–it's a great school!)

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