This, that, and the other thing

First of all, I’d appreciate your prayers as this afternoon I’ll be having a medical test done. Nothing horrible, scary, icky or invasive, fortunately! Thanks….

And since a few of you have asked for a follow-up on the prayers for TheDad, things at his office seem to have settled down. He keeps work stuff pretty close to the vest, as he tries to leave it behind when he leaves the office, and also because (I think) he tells me things on a Need-to-Panic Basis. I have WCSS, you see….But anyway, he said that he won the battle with the vice-president, and he’s still employed.

My parents will be arriving sometime today. Mom will stay until Monday or so, when I take her back home. Dad will leave tomorrow. Mom’s going to watch the kids (make sure they don’t kill each other or burn down the house) while TheDad and I attend a wedding Sunday evening. A sunset wedding. On a New Jersey beach (faces east). At 6 PM (sunset at this time of year in this part of the country is more like 8 PM). But hey–it’s a beach wedding, so I don’t have to wear pantyhose! I expect to spend the next couple of days arguing with my mother about why she should be sleeping in a bed and let one of the kids have the couch, and trying to figure out if I have anything in the house that she will eat. I did remember to stock up on Nilla Wafers, Ovaltine, and Good Guy Milk (my dad’s term for 1% milk).

I thought I’d toss some links your way, since I’ve been seeing some Really Good Stuff out there!

Visit Debbie (AKA ukok) for her inspirational scripture/photo series.

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle is having a contest! The prize is a copy of her book, The Heart of Motherhood. I own this book and am reading it now–definitely recommended.

The Catholic Dads have been busy lately. Go see what they’ve been up to. Lots of good food for thought.

Micki posts a different Holy Card from her collection every day.

The pastor at my younger kids’ school has a blog. Sometimes it’s in English, sometimes Tagalog. The English entries are well worth your time!


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