What We Heard

Today, on the Feast of the Assumption.

Our priest’s homily was a reflection on the first line of the Magnificat: “My being proclaims the greatness of the Lord.”

First he reminded us that the month of August is full of celebrations of spiritual giants. He told the story of Edith Stein (St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross) whose feast we observe August 9, and referenced the meaning the Magnificat held in the life of this saint.

Next, Father discussed the work of Kathleen Sullivan in abstinence education for teenagers. He observed that God showed His own reverence for the human body by assuming Mary’s earthly body into Heaven upon her death, and that it is our duty to also have reverence for the human body.

Finally, Father told the story of a young person approaching a wiser, older person and asking what he should do with his life. The advisor asked the young person: “What is it that you do that makes your being proclaim the greatness of the Lord, that makes you feel fully alive? THAT is what you should do with your life.”

If you’d like to hear my favorite arrangement of my favorite Gospel Canticle, visit this site and click on “Magnificat.” The composer is a Franciscan Friar from Holy Name Province. I learned this song back in high school when another Friar introduced Father Tamburello’s compositions to our choir. A few years ago I contacted Father to request permission to use his “Magnificat” at our Secular Franciscan meetings as part of Evening Prayer. He generously gave the permission and mailed me the sheet music to the song. It is a beautiful, simple arrangement of the Gospel canticle–but nothing elaborate is needed with lyrics like these. Enjoy it!

Image Credit: Dan Paulos

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