That’s the word for the inside of my refrigerator today.

I finally traced the disgusting smell to the bag of fresh (well, not anymore) green beans. Guess there were some bad ones in there.

In the interest of making the whole thing smell a LOT better than it did, I emptied everything out. I got rid of a few things I could no longer identify. I wiped all the shelves and the yick off the bottom. Yick? It’s an industry term. 409 was my best friend today, that’s for sure.

Feeling ruthless, I pitched about 4 half-containers of icing, all sorts of outdated stuff that got shoved to the back and forgotten, and the contents of 5 containers. Then I rushed the trash bag past the horrified children who were holding their noses, and out the back door. It’s trash day tomorrow (how smart of me to clean the fridge today!)

Boy, there’s a lot of room in there now. And it’s organized! All the salad dressing is together in a basket; my 3 “frequent flier ingredients” are right on the top shelf of the door (bread machine yeast, big jar of garlic, and lemon juice); all the jelly is together and the ice-cream toppings are gathered in one spot, too.

I freely admit to dreading this chore, but it really only took me less than an hour to do, and it’s one of those jobs where you can really admire the results.

I wonder how long it will take to get it to its former rummaged, messy state? With 5 eaters in the house, I give it a week.

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