Just a Feeling: Prayers are Needed

This morning before 7:00, our doorbell rang. Of course I thought the worst, and went scrambling for my robe and my glasses to go answer the door.

It was Adventure Boy, in a filthy T-shirt, sandals on the wrong feet, carrying a large wrestler toy and an even larger “Brother Bear” and wearing a safari hat and binoculars.

Obviously he was ready for just about anything that early in the morning!

However, we were not ready for anything at that hour. In fact, no one else was awake. I told him that it was too early to play and that he had to go back home. Then after I closed the door I thought maybe I should follow him and make sure he went home. So I found some shoes and headed back out the front door, only to find him coming down the path from the back of the house–he had tried to visit our backyard neighbors when I told him it was too early!

I escorted him down the driveway and began walking down the street with him, and then saw his grandmother standing in front of the house.

Very slowly, Adventure Boy walked home.

St. John Bosco, pray for him and for all the Adventure Boys of the world. And while you’re praying, pray for me and all the neighbors of Adventure Boys. We need to know what to do.

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