We Are Here

This was worth waking up early today! Pardon the reflection. I hope I got a better shot on the “film” camera–yes, some of us still use them. But beautiful sunrises like this are just like a present, in my book. Nothing like starting the day with Morning Prayer in the dark of the porch, my coffee in my hand, and later a view like this.

Middle Sister calls this the Spooky Pier. Little Brother wants to get a Really Big Ladder and climb on it.

The lower porch of this house is where we are staying. The fabulous luxury car in front of the house does NOT belong to us.

However, there is a fabulous car that does not belong to us parked in our driveway. We had a bit of a glitch on the way here. Since we allowed both of the Big Kids to bring a friend on vacation, we needed to take both our cars. 10 minutes into the trip I noticed that the air conditioning in TheDad’s Hyundai was not working. 5 minutes later I realized we were on our way to overheating, so I had the girls (who were riding with me) open the windows, and I turned on the heat. We pulled into Cracker Barrel for lunch and to figure out what we would do. Being only 20 minutes from home, we called our regular mechanic and he sent a tow truck for the Hyundai. We also called a car-rental place and the girls and I drove here in style in a Hyundai Santa Fe.

I’m the Designated Driver while on vacation because I’m the only one who can back the Santa Fe and the van into our driveway, and it’s really hard to back OUT of the driveway.

TheDad was up way later than me last night, watching videos and playing games with all the Big Kids. When he finally decided it was bedtime, he woke me up to ask what kind of bagel I wanted this morning.


“What kind of bagel do you want in the morning?”

The strangeness of that question in the middle of the night woke me up, and I just stared at him and said, “Do you really think you’ll wake up before me tomorrow?” Then I went back to sleep.

He’s still not awake. Good thing, too, because I’m still not sure what kind of bagel I want.

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