A little more than an hour ago, Middle Sister woke me up because her Best Friend, who’s here at the beach with us for the week, had a stomachache.

Hmmm, maybe those 2 slices of Sicilian pizza plus a whole tub of cheese fries and a Coke were coming back to haunt her?

Or maybe she just misses her Mom, Dad and brother? Totally understandable.

I don’t have any medicine here for upset stomachs, and I don’t like to medicate other people’s children even if I did. The best I could do was tell her to have some sips of water and try to find a way for her to be comfortable.

After a while she relaxed enough to lie down, curled up around a bucket “just in case.” I thought she fell asleep and tried to remove it but she wouldn’t let it go. So I tucked her stuffed penguin behind her head and covered her arms and legs with the blanket.

She’s asleep.

Middle Sister and I are awake. She’s worried about her friend. I’m figuring the worst is over, but the visit might be too.

I’m also not ashamed to admit that I’m glad the worst might be over, since I tend to get queasy myself just thinking about someone else’s stomach woes….

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